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The Easiest Two-Ingredient Drinks You’ll Ever Make
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The Easiest Two-Ingredient Drinks You’ll Ever Make

Get party-ready faster than ever.

Put down that Skol, now! No, seriously. It doesn’t get any better than these super simple cocktails that taste amazing. These are the kind of drinks you’ll want to (and actually can) sip on all night.


Tequila & Grapefruit Soda


Photo by Daniel Schuleman


Dr Pepper & Midnight Moon Cherry Moonshine


Photo by Daniel Schuleman


POM Juice & Sparkling Wine


Photo by Daniel Schuleman


Coca-Cola & Red Wine


Photo by Daniel Schuleman


Bourbon & Mountain Dew


Photo by Daniel Schuleman


Beer & Hard Cider


Photo by Daniel Schuleman

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  1. maria

    Id love to try some of those, but some of the ingrediants I dont know and some im not allowed to drink, like wine or beer. ★


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